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19-Aug-2017 20:57

Would it be possible to make this run the way I want to without completely changing it? I get the feeling that the way I made this is total garbage.I read other questions that dealt with similar problems but maybe it's because I am still pretty bad at Java but I couldn't really tell if they were related to my problem.So the whole SSCCE will be about 20-30 lines of code.Get that simple piece of code working, then compare the working code to your real application.However the code was a total mess and I didn't even really understand what went exactly wrong in the first place, so I trashed the entire thing.Here is a very simplified version of my code before things went downhill: import *;import event.*;import javax.swing.*;public class Test_1 extends JFrame I know that the Action Listener creates a new instance of my JFrame, however that was the closest I ever came to "updating the JFrame" before I turned the code into Spaghetti.We don't have access to your real application so we can't guess what you might be doing wrong. If you have the proper reference and the code is executed the label will update itself.

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So my questions are: Is there something really obvious I missing?

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