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23-Dec-2017 17:25

There is no denying this, and if you’re dating a dog lover, there is certainly no arguing it.

Dogs sometimes get better treatment than the people living under the same roof.

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troy dating britta

Here you are, about to start your great dating adventure.

In the same way you hope to partner with a man or woman whose parenting styles align with your own, the same can be said about the relationship they have with their dog.

So, before you adorn that dog bone with a big red bow, take a few minutes to prepare yourself for the lifestyle that goes along with dating a dog lover.

Not only will you be asked to supply some of it, but also you’ll also never be entirely sure who is loved more, you or the dog. While you’re at it, say goodbye to your beloved white clothing, unless your lover has a white dog.

In that case, consider parting ways with that charcoal duvet cover.Interested in testing the dating waters with a matchmaker?

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