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17-Sep-2017 05:46

Studies have shown that people do not use vape forever. Unfortunately there are no studies to confirm the long term impact of vaping to the people around them.

Let’s make sure our children and spouses are not the ‘guinea pigs’ for this study. What is the issue with our children and adolescents? However adolescents do it out of curiosity, to fit in with the peer group and to follow the trends. o There are evidences that demonstrate ‘vaping can help smoking abstinence or cessation’.

In fact it was recently discovered by the ESERI, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Terengganu that vape liquid studied in the laboratory also contain cannabis precursor (both synthetic and natural).

In conclusion smoking conventional cigarette and vaping are both addictive and harmful.

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One of the possible reasons because the amount of nicotine that the vapers get from inhaling the vapours are varied, and it is quite difficult to titre down the concentration of nicotine.

This will not be for long until they become dependent on nicotine and later become chain smoker although they might not have planned to smoke in the first place. Vaping can cause gateway to nicotine addiction/ smoking conventional cigarettes especially among adolescents’. It showed that vapers had 2.2 times the chance to stop smoking conventional cigarettes for at least 6 months compared to smokers who do not vape.

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