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Luckily, we have four smashers to solve this, along with other zany issues! Latest arc-Yoshi, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, and Pikachu have to round up the Koopalings. Peach finds a certain online meme and turns it into a crazy game for her friends to play.Ten of the smashers have to watch as they're thrust into crazy and often embarrassing hypothetical situations. Robin x Shulk, Red x Lucas, and Ike x Marth, among other pairings. And why is her eyes two different colors..and white. AUREBOOT TIME Y'ALL I WANNA GET BACK INTO CREATIVE WRITING YEARS LATER First Chapter has been rebooted as of 6/3/17 The past can not be changed. But if you were offered a chance to see people you never thought you would again, and to stop tragedy before it happens, would take it? Shintaro, Takane, and Haruka were just a trio of gods that guided the Earth in their heavenly Heat Haze.But when his family decides it would be a great idea to adopt three strange, red-eyed children, he realizes, he really just can't catch a break, can he? High school is filled with cliques that should never collide. One day, her secret was uncovered by a classmate by accident, and then her life changes forever. Just as he's ready to fight however, he's struck with lightning and loses his game.(Re-writing of What Really Matters)Everything was perfectly fine until one of the original smashers is found dead in a closet. But when Yohioloid finds out that his little brother Oliver has gone missing, he sets out to find him, and to find out why he went missing in the first place. Yet, clashing is inevitable when you're not looking where you're going. You write a story about people actually having fun in summer! Now, Dark Pit is stuck in the world of Mother 3, on a quest to find the Seven Needles and find his other half!7 hot and (in)famous boys fall in love with a not-so-average teenage girl. Chap16 : Lucy and Sting; Chap17: Lucy and Rogue Robin and Shulk happen to fall asleep next to each other while reading in the library. His father just got promoted requiring him to change schools on his senior year.This means absolutely nothing, as they both insist. To his amazement, the school holds lots of secrets including the Iris case.What happens when a evil witch convinces him to ditch his friends for popularity?When he falls from pride, will he be able to be saved or plagued by regret.

Being a guild-less mage, her world if fraught with danger around every turn and only her strength as a mage can help her through it. Rated M for violence, swearing, and sexual undertones. " When the Thunder God Tribe offers Lucy a position on their team, will she accept? No one knows knows her story or her name for the matter. Meanwhile, Ayano questions her red eyes - the one she had gained after her "death". In which Shintaro is too oblivious (or socially stunted) to pick up on the obvious crushes from his co-worker and two regulars.

Will she live through the dangers to return to Fairy Tail and show them how she's grown or will she die trying? *Wink*"Lucy Heartfilia, we would like you to join the Thunder God Tribe! Contains: Harushin, Konoshin, and Kuroshin A Story of a popular anti-social bishoujo that likes to play her guitar after-school secretly.

M to be safe Shintaro only wants to live a peaceful, logical life. (Oh yeah and there's Dark Link) Rated T for violence, swearing, and minor undertones. No-one ever see or hear her play her guitar that she always bring to school. After being so obsessed with playing Mother 3, Dark Pit finally gets to fight Claus for the final needle.

The friends and enemies she makes will either help or hinder her progress in this re-imagining of the Classic Game. Robin, a refugee from the brutal and enigmatic Grimleal cult, proves a welcome if strange relief.

Together they struggle through their respective pasts and to a future of their own design. From a neighbor, a gang leader, a classmate, a student council president, a soccer player, a singer, to a prince. Robin fluff one-shot, for Panda-chan1358's birthday.[AU] Marth Lowell is just your average teen.The celestial mage disappeared five years ago, leaving Fairy Tail.

The extreme temperatures of the magma would just destroy the bones.… continue reading »

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Thanks to these galleries, Chat Roulette is rapidly becoming a meme you can enjoy without having to actually experience it — kind of like “Two Girls, One Cup” and “The Jersey Shore.” The You Tube reaction videos and the "Saturday Night Live" sketches are hilarious even if you’ve never seen the source material. Unfortunately, in my Chat Roulette explorations, I did stumble upon the repulsive “Two Girls, One Cup.” Someone chose to use the legendary gross-out porn clip as stand in on his or her (probably his) video feed.… continue reading »

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The sets us apart from all of the other lesbian chat rooms on the internet.… continue reading »

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Over time we learn more about you and what you are really looking for in that special someone.… continue reading »

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It is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate," Bush said in his statement. Mike Huckabee, said that conservatives must stand and fight by seeking a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.… continue reading »

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