American indian dating customs

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A man could have as many wives as he could afford to care for, and more wives meant less work for the women.

The Sioux suitor had only a few acceptable ways to court the girl he hoped would be his bride.

Mailbag Question: In the very near future, I am planning on asking a woman of mixed Sioux and Cherokee descent to marry me.

Her family history is obscure but I would like to recognize her partial native american heritage by making a traditional request for her hand, if such a tradition exists.

A good Sioux daughter would never let herself get into such a predicament.

Sioux girls usually married shortly after having their pueberty rites, which were held when they reached mensus, but males were expected to participate in at least one or more successful war parties or horse raids to prove their valor and courage before they were considered worthy of a wife, so the average Sioux groom was usually quite a bit older, sometimes by as much as 20 years or more.

Elk imagery is closely associated with sexual prowess, courtship rituals, and love potions, as well as secret combinations of sacred herbs combined with an intertwined hair from each of the couple's heads.

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This was so ingrained into their culture and belief system that they would not even look directly at a member of the opposite sex that was not a family member, and they were given few opportunities to be alone with potential suitors.Often the father would consider the wishes of a favored daughter, but this wasn't always the case.